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By using the services provided on https://airtimeflip.com, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Services Provided

Airtimeflip Technology Limited offers various financial services, including:

  • Airtime to cash conversion
  • Bills payment
  • Data top-up
  • Airtime top-up
  • DStv and GoTv subscriptions
  • Electricity bill payments

User Accounts

Users may create accounts on our platform. Misuse, engagement in fraudulent activities, or other violations of these terms will result in account termination.

Payments & Refunds

Users fund their wallets using card payments or bank transfers and pay for services using these funds. Failed transactions will be automatically reversed. If not, the issue will be investigated. Reversals will be granted if a transaction is unsuccessful, but refunds will not be provided for successful transactions, even if user errors occur.

User Obligations & Conduct

Users are obliged to:

  • Avoid taking advantage of system failures.
  • Refrain from manipulating the system.
  • Desist from fraudulent transactions and activities.

Violating these obligations will lead to account termination and forfeiture of funds in the user account.

Disclaimers & Limitation of Liability

Airtimeflip Technology Limited is not responsible for user errors, including, but not limited to, withdrawing funds to incorrect bank accounts or sending airtime or data to the wrong phone numbers.

Intellectual Property

All rights, including trademarks, pertaining to Airtimeflip Technology Limited, are owned by the company.

Termination of Services

Users found manipulating the system, engaging in fraudulent transactions, or taking advantage of system vulnerabilities risk account termination and forfeiture of all funds.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes or issues should be addressed through our dedicated support channels, which include social media, email, phone calls, and WhatsApp.

Updates & Modifications

Changes to these terms will be communicated via emails, push notifications, and social media posts.

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